White Crested Blue Polands
Blue German Langshan Bantams
5 colours of Pekins

White Crested Blue Polish Cock
Rare Breed Poultry and Bantams

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Mixed flock of bantams free ranging in the garden
Mixed bantams at home

These bantams are bred and kept as pets at home by Eden Livestock. They are hatched in small quantities only and reared non-intensively. The varieties represent our own special preferences and interests. They are not vaccinated due to small numbers.

Surplus birds from our breeding programme are sometimes available for sale at point of lay. Hatching eggs may also be offered for sale from time to time. We do not sell day old chicks or growing stock.

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Black Pekin brooding Lavender Araucana
Black Pekin broody hen

White Crested Blue and Blue Frizzle Polish hens
White Crested Blue hen and
Blue Frizzle hen

White Crested Polands

Polands are thought to originate not from Poland, but from England and The Netherlands, where they were created independently. The term refers to "polled" as they have only the smallest horned comb, often completely absent.

They are exotic looking chickens due to the big ball of feathers on top of their heads and elegant carriage. They are slightly nervous due to their limited vision but they become very tame and develop lovely characters, very chatty and interactive.

They are hardy and easy to keep but the"wig" does need special attention to protect from lice, mites and wet. They are best kept in a covered run. They lay reasonable numbers of white eggs and do not go broody.

Eden Livestock has a special interest in breeding White Crested Blue Polish, although other related colours are sometimes available.

Due to their exotic feathered hats and elegant stature, most of my Polish hens are named Audrey
Due to their exotic feathered hats and elegant stature, most of my Poland hens are named "Audrey"!...

...Except for the ones called "Russell"!

A trio of rare breed Blue Laced German Langshan Bantams
Trio of Blue Laced German Langshan Bantams

German Langshan Bantams

The German Langshan Bantam is a very elegant bird with a compact body and long legs. They are classed as a rare breed in Britain, where they are bred chiefly in Black, White and Blue Laced. In Germany they are also bred in Birchen and Brown Red.

German Langshan Bantams are friendly little birds, which become tame very easily. In a flock they are docile and tolerant. They rarely fight with other birds. They lay fair numbers of cream coloured eggs and benefit from free-ranging.

Eden Livestock breeds Blue Laced German Langshan Bantams.

German Langshans are friendly birds with appealing features
Friendly and Appealing

Breeding group of smooth Blue and Black frizzle pekins
Smooth Blue and Black Frizzle Group

Breeding pair of Mille Fleur pekins
Pair of Mille Fleur


Pekins are probably the most popular breed of all when it comes to keeping chickens as pets. They have great personalities and are favourites with small children.

Shaped like feathery balls with legs, short, broad and low standing, their plumage is very rich and fluffy and they have feathered legs and feet, all making for a comical appearance with characters to match. They are also bred in a huge range of colours and both frizzled and smooth, to add to the appeal.

Having such low stature and feathery legs they benefit from being kept inside, although they enjoy free ranging if protected from mud and wet weather.

Eden Livestock breeds Pekins in Buff, Partridge, Blue, Mottled and Mille Fleur.

A well marked Partridge Pekin hen
Partridge Pekin Hen

Mixed group of pekins enjoying a dust bath
Mixed Pekins Dustbathing!

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