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Poultry and Livestock Feeds


Eden Livestock firmly believes that we are what we eat, and this goes for our animals too.

Eden Livestock is committed to supplying quality feeds sourced from manufacturers who subscribe to more traditional, less intensive methods of production. Natural, healthy, wholesome ingredients, nutritionaly balanced and quality assured, and absolutely no GM derivatives whatsoever!

Other Livestock feeds may be available in addition to those featured here. Please phone or email for details.



GM Free, Poultry Layers Pellets

Poultry Layers Pellets 20kg sack
GM Free/Min Protein 16%

A general, all-purpose diet which can be fed to all poultry flocks of mixed age and type under any management system. The nutritionally balanced, highly palatable blend of cereals, oils, vitamins and minerals provides a fully balanced diet for optimum bird health and quality egg production.

No additional limestone or oyster shell grit is required.

Feed Guide
Should be available on an ad lib basis from point of lay. Average consumption rate is 100-150g per hen per day.

Additional Information
Fresh clean drinking water should always be available.

Feed available in a suitable hopper on an ad lib basis

GM Free Poultry Mixed Corn

Poultry Mixed Corn 20kg sack
GM Free/Min Protein 10%

Suitable for feeding to all mature poultry as a supplement to a balanced compound diet. If offered as a scratch feed on the ground, it encourages natural foraging behaviour.

Feed Guide
Scratch feed only. Average 30g per hen.

Additional Information
Fresh clean drinking water should always be available.


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