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Natural Apple Cider Vinegar
Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Poultry Spice traditional tonic powder
Traditional herbal tonic powder

Super Codlivine cod liver oil with garlic
Cod liver oil with added garlic

Poultry Shield red mite control and sanitation
Poultry Shield revolutionary red mite control and sanitation

OA2KI diatomaceous earth
OA2KI diatomaceous earth powder


The cornerstones of animal health are good husbandry and recognising and dealing with potential problems before they get out of hand. At Eden Livestock we believe in a holistic approach, using natural products to maintain optimum health and support a strong immune system. Natural animal health products integrate well into any programme and can be of particular benefit where symptoms are showing signs of resistance to synthetic compounds.

The main reasons people give for keeping their own poultry are concern for animal welfare and desire for greater control over the production and quality of their food. Many new poultry keepers are keen to adopt a natural approach to caring for their flock. However, the market is flooded with hundreds of different products and conflicting information can generate confusion.

The articles featured here are based on Eden's own experience and the products mentioned represent a basic no-nonsense approach to health and husbandry though establishing a simple and consistent routine. These products are all stocked and sold by Eden Livestock.

Important: Ths information is offered to help you establish a natural and holistic approach to basic poultry care. If your chickens become sick you should consult a veterinary practitioner for medical guidance.

Articles about our range of poultry health and management products coming soon - see News page for basic info!

Verm-X is an award winning, leading edge, animal healthcare product focussing solely on the natural control of internal parasites in animals, using herbal-based ingredients.

The first Verm-X product, for horses, was launched in 2002 but further research and development has led to a continuing expansion of the range. Formulations are currently available for the animals shown above. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and pigs have recently joined the list of species protected by Verm-X.

Verm-X was awarded the government sponsored "Green Apple" award in 2004, 2006 & 2007 for success in bringing an effective natural product into a traditionally chemically dominated market. Concerns in recent years over growing parasite resistance to chemical products has meant a breakthrough in practical livestock husbandry for users of Verm-X.

Verm-X is an herbal formulation and classified as a complementary feedstuff so you may safely purchase this product without having to complete any medical registration forms.

Verm-X is available through Eden Livestock.

Herbal Formulation of Verm-X: Garlic (allium sativum), Quassia (simaroubaceae), Cayenne (capsicum minimum), Slippery Elm (ulmus fulva), Cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum), Thyme (thymus vulgaris), Peppermint (mentha piperita)

Natural Poultry Health and Management Articles

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