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Colourful varieties of point of lay hybrid chickens available now from Eden Livestock
Mixed Varieties of POL hybrid hens

News Flash!!!

Pol Hybrid Pullets available Now!

The following chickens are available now for sale at point of lay. For further details and pricing, advice or information please phone or email Eden.

Nova Ranger - Amber Nova - Coral Nova - Blue Nova - Cuckoo Nova - Black Nova - Silver Nova - Columbine


Natural Apple Cider Vinegar
Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Poultry Spice traditional tonic powder
Traditional herbal tonic powder

Super Codlivine cod liver oil with garlic
Cod liver oil with added garlic

Natural health and hygiene products

Eden Livestock stocks a range of products to help you manage the health and husbandry of your flock naturally and effectively.

The most commonly expressed reasons for keeping a few hens are - concerns over animal welfare and greater quality control over the food we eat. Most people express an interest in keeping their hens as "naturally" as possible, with special areas for free ranging and a good quality GM-free diet.

When it comes to management and husbandry of the hens it is easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of products on the market and confusion all too easily undermines confidence for the newcomer. Eden Livestock uses a range of effective natural solutions which we feel together provide a comprehensive hygiene and husbandry system to help you maintain the health of your hens and deal with common challenges.

Health Products

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar - all round organic health tonic with a wealth of benefits for all aspects of poultry health and maintenance. No. 1 essential in our book.
Poulty Spice - Mineral based feedstuff containing stimulating herbs.
Cod Liver Oil - Feed additive rich in vitamins A and D. Ideal for young birds, old birds and moulting birds. Ours contains added garlic for extra effect.

Hygiene/Management Products

Poultry Shield - Safe effective disinfectant and sanitiser with a revolutionary dessicant action against red mite. Non chemical action. 96% kill rate within 48 hours including eggs.
OA2KI - 100% natural diatomaceous earth powder effective against parasites. Chemical free, works by abrasive action on mites and lice. No resistance build up.

More info concerning each product and its use will be coming soon at:

Poultry Shield red mite control and sanitation
Poultry Shield revolutionary red mite control and sanitation

OA2KI diatomaceous earth
OA2KI diatomaceous earth powder

Daily Hen Health - Specialist blend of herbal tinctures with Cider Vinegar and Honey. All in one product for total maintenance, naturally.

Hilton Herbs, Natural Health Care for Animals

Cover shot of Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens
Our most popular poultry keeping title

Recommended Reads

Keeping Chickens - by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis

This book is a new addition to our range and proving to be the most popular title we have offered. It is beautifully laid out with clear text, wonderful images, hints and tips, fun cookery and craft projects.

It offers a balance of good, solid, practical advice together with lighthearted leisure reading content. It's funky, colourful layout appeals to adults and children alike.

The book represents excellent value at £12.99 and makes a good partner to Starting with Chickens, another popular title offering practical basic advice to novice poultrykeepers.

Cover shot of Starting with Chickens, by Katie Thear

Starting with Chickens
An ideal partner title


Photogallery for Customers

The Customer Photogallery is shaping up well. You guys certainly know how to combine practicality with imagination when it comes housing your garden flock.

If you would like submit a photograph of your chickens to the Eden Livestock Customer Photogallery please call or email.



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